Jorge Sanchez



"A Professional Friendship"


Jorge’s approach to real estate is a professional friendship. In today's fast paced world of real estate, the “transaction” of buying and selling homes has become flooded by emails and texts, completely leaving clients lost and uninformed. Jorge strives to slow the process down to a manageable pace to insure clients are well informed at each stage of the way and proceed with confidence and trust.

Jorge started working as an account manager at a young age to put himself through college. It was that first job in the corporate world that Jorge learned to understand that in all transactions involving people and property we all have ideal outcomes. The lessons learned have helped him throughout his career. Jorge’s truly caring attitude and his focus on finding solutions to difficult situations has lead to long term financial health for clients and fostered long term friendships, because people really do appreciate the help.

Jorge graduated from the University of California at Riverside with honors being awarded a degree in Political Science and Law in Society . He was ready to put all his knowledge to work and opened a loss mitigation office in 2009. Jorge helped hundreds of families keep their homes with adjusted loan terms to fit their current financial position or take advantage of a strategic exit on a over-inflated property with a short sale. Once again, his experience in understanding motivations and helping clients make good decisions based on fact and long term goals rather than emotion. Jorge served his clients at the highest level of integrity.

Jorge has lead a top producing real estate team for 8 years, and after hundreds of real estate transactions it continues to be about the client and establishing relationships that lead to trust and more importantly achieving the clients’ goals. Jorge and his clients use two words to describe his business approach: Professional friendship.

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